Getting Better All the Time

by Sally Satel

Dr. Satel says “The Moral Arc presents an impressive account of how far we have come. But it also reminds us that reason, for all its muscle, will need a lot of help to make our moral progress continue.”

Science, Religion and the Moral Arc: An Interview With Michael Shermer

by Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman

Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman thinks that in The Moral Arc Michael Shermer “makes a strong and compelling case that scientific thinking has helped individuals and society become more free, more prosperous, and more compassionate.”

Science May Prove to be Humanity’s Savior

by Matthew Hutson

Matthew Hutson says that “despite some forgivable imperfections in execution, Shermer fights an important fight. We may never find a formula for virtue, but using reason and evidence we can approach a world more people can live with. In some small way, this book bends the moral arc just a bit toward justice.”

Science as a Force for Good

by Seth Shulman

Seth Shulman, editorial director of the Union of Concerned Scientists, writes the syndicated monthly column “Got Science?” He says that Michael argues that science and reason are the key forces driving us to a more moral world.

You would’ve hated your heroes: Why history’s great people seem so morally deficient

by Dan Falk

Dan Falk states that our “historical heroes would have seen the world very differently

[…] In particular, they probably harbored an array of unpleasant prejudices,” and notes that Michael Shermer, in The Moral Arc, reminds us that moral progress can be directly attributed to the values associated with the West’s embrace of science and reason.

Michael Shermer and the Moral Arc of Libertarianism

by Massimo Pigliucci

Massimo Pigliucci critiques a specific claim about science-driven moral progress made by Michael in an article that appeared in the libertarian Reason magazine, entitled “Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The connection between increasing IQs, decreasing violence, and economic liberalism.” Pigliucci says that the piece is an interesting mix of good points, good reasoning, bad points, and bad reasoning.

Has Science Made Us Better People?

by Jake Whitney

Jake Whitney says that Michael’s argument that science has not only improved our lives materially but morally and ethically as well, is an argument both stimulating and flawed.

The Daily (UW) Interviews Michael Shermer

by Arunabh Satpathy

Arunabh Satpathy interviewed Michael after his January 30 speaking engagement at Town Hall Seattle.

Justice, Truth and Freedom: Brought to you by … Science?

Larry Mantle interviews Michael on AirTalk 89.3 KPCC Radio.